One of our top products is the MPG Optimal™ basin, which combines the benefits of polythene and concrete. We have created a product that is waterproof, long-lasting and easy to work with.

Our technology gives you complete freedom to design the basin you want. We adapt it to your needs.
Just as important as the volume, shape and depth of the basin is the type of equipment and protection you need to process and drain the contents.

Our protective concrete slabs, included with all our basins, are laid over the membrane and protect it from possible damage by an agitator.

Another option is to choose our protective trolley, which is compatible with almost all common tractormounted agitators. With the agitator mounted on the trolley you simply reverse it down the slope and can be confident that the basin membrane and roof, if fitted, are fully protected.

There is also a choice of options for emptying the basin. Our processing box, installed in the sloping side, is the most popular choice, but you can also opt for a separate drainage sump, or simply a pipe that you run out of the basin to allow emptying with a pump.

We send you complete excavation drawings giving details of the shape, depth and volume.

Our competitive pricing means you can choose to split your total storage capacity requirement between several satellite basins, and still keep total costs relatively low. In particular, satellite storage means less soil compaction and less driving between storage and spreading locations when time is valuable.

These are a few of the reasons why 50 per cent of Swedish farmers choose MPG Optimal™.

If you wish to cover your basin we can also supply the MPG Optimal Cover™ roof, which is designed for our basins. The openings are tailored for our mixing solution, which uses an agitator mounted on a protective trolley and allows you to agitate slurry safely and reliably.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to call us.