Fitting a roof over your basin protects you and your neighbours from unpleasant odours, retains nitrogen in the slurry and prevents the basin from filling with rainwater that then has to be pumped out. By investing in a roof you also increase your storage capacity.

MPG Accent™ we tailor our anchor roofs to suit all types of concrete basins. When you choose an anchor roof from us you decide yourself how large the openings should be and where you want them placed on the the roof. The color of the roof is as standard grey. And there is no need to the plan installation for a time when the basin is empty. Installation can easily be carried out when the basin is full.

Because the tensioning straps run freely through channels in the underside of the roof, the column stands freely on the base and the roof membrane is tensioned by a stainless steel cable that runs around the outer edge of the concrete basin, we believe we have created the most durable anchor roof on the market.

We know that roofs installed in southern Sweden and Denmark survived hurricane Gudrun in January 2005 and we know that the coating on the advanced, reinforced PVC membrane ensures that snow simply slides off, even in northern Sweden and northern Finland.

The 18-degree roof angle was not simply chosen at random, nor were the construction method or materials. In short, our roofs are designed to withstand the tough conditions you encounter in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and the Baltic region, particularly snow load and wind strength.

Our anchor roofs are certified by the Danish Faculty of Agricultural Sciences.